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How you can stay connected during a power outage?

The Margaretville Telephone Company and MTC Cable continue to prioritize and make significant investments in network resiliency to mitigate impacts from commercial power failure and other natural disaster events which may impact the operation of the telecommunications network. Often, widespread commercial power failures are the result of weather events in which the telecommunications network operations may also be impacted (fallen trees, washed out pole lines, etc.).

In general, the MTC telecommunications network is engineered to remain operational for extended periods of time during a commercial power failure. For example, critical network components incorporate redundant long-term battery back-up solutions combined with redundant generator configurations.

While MTC's core network of services remains operational to the exterior of a home during a commercial power failure, often times a customer experiences a loss of services in their home due to in-home equipment not being supported by a battery back-up solution i.e. cordless phones, select modems or wireless internet routers.

MTC recommends the following options to keep your services running for an extended period of time during events such as commercial power failure:

  1. MTC landline phone subscribers should make available in their home a corded phone as cordless phones will not be operational during a power failure. Call our business office toll-free at 1-877-727-2288 to purchase a corded phone directly from MTC.

2. Purchasing an in-home battery back-up solution from companies such as an APCTM , CyberpowerTM, or TrippLiteTM to keep your cable modem and wireless internet router operational for an extended period of time.

3. The most effective way to keep your services operational during a power failure is to purchase and install a whole home generator system from a company such as GENERACTM, CumminsTM, or KohlerTM.

You can also see our Power Outage FAQ page here.






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