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Connecting Communities, Empowering Your World

WiFi coverage for Main Streets from MTC!

Enriching your experience, no matter where you roam.

Stay Connected.
In the home and on the go.

Built on the incredible internet MTC has invested for your home, MTC Community Connect brings the same experience into your community. Now you can get outside and connect without the worry of consuming your mobile data or connecting to sketchy guest WiFi networks.

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Your community just upped their connection game.

When adventure takes you outside on main street, MTC Community Connect gives you a secure and content safe experience on a powerful public WiFi network.

WiFi on the go.

From the neighborhood block party, music in the park, to the farmers market and the little league field, you’re always in the moment.

Seamless Connectivity.

Download passpoint when using MTC Community Connect and connect automatically when you come in range at any of our available locations.


Secure. Always.

Where ever you roam, Your service provide includes ProtectIQ™ network security to keep safe.

No Data Caps.

Don’t stress about burning through your monthly data or being throttled. With MTC Community Connect you’ll be able to stream your favorite content, post on your social accounts, or FaceTime. Now everyone can be about that community experience.

How it works


As an MTC internet subscriber, you’ll retain your secure home WiFi service and now have access to connect to MTC Community Connect where available.

Visitors and MTC subscribers can be
confident to have a secure WiFi
connection on the main streets we cover.

After you download the Passpoint profile, you’ll seamlessly connect to the MTC Community Connect network everywhere we have added access points.

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