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MTC Announces New Broadband Expansion Projects


The Margaretville Telephone Company (MTC) has announced plans to extend broadband services to additional unserved and underserved addresses in the Central Catskill’s region. MTC has identified 220 unserved and 160 underserved addresses located adjacent to existing MTC service areas which remain without access to adequate broadband services.

These addresses were identified using MTC engineering data along with feedback from the Federal and State broadband surveys / mapping initiatives. MTC anticipates extending over 30-miles of new Fiber-to-the-Home facilities to reach these unserved locations in construction phases over the next two years. See More HERE!

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Margaretville Telephone Company Completes Transition to Employee Ownership


The Margaretville Telephone Company (MTC) has completed its transition to 100% employee-ownership making it the first regulated utility in the State to achieve this status. The closing of the transaction on June 7th follows five generations of Birdsall / Roadman family ownership dating back to the founding of the company in 1916. The Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) has been the primary retirement vehicle for MTC employees since its inception in 1985. In 2018, the company completed a secondary phase of the ownership transition with the ESOP gaining a majority ownership share of the company at that time. The closing on June 7th culminates a long-term, multi-year plan to complete the transition to 100% employee ownership. Final regulatory approval was granted by the NYS Department of Public Service in April.

MTC announces new funding to address broadband affordability

MTC announces a year-long extension of the company’s voluntary funding contribution to the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) offering additional benefits to eligible participants.


The Affordable Connectivity Program is an FCC benefit program that helps ensure that households can afford the broadband they need for work, school, healthcare, and more. The program was initiated during the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic offering a $50 per month broadband discount to eligible households. Since the ACP was initially set up with a limited federal dollar allocation, the program benefit per household was reduced to $30 per month in 2022. As a result of this benefit reduction, MTC announced that it would continue providing eligible customers with the $50 per month discount by contributing a $20 subsidy to ensure that the qualifying households in our community continue to have access to critical broadband services.


Effective April 1, 2023, MTC announced that it will increase the company contribution to the ACP eligible customers within the MTC service area to $25 per month (total $55 per month benefit) and extend the subsidy benefit period through March of 2024.


Additional information regarding the ACP Program along with its eligibility requirements can be found on the MTC Website at

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Experiencing a Service Outage & Want to Know Why?

If you are ever experiencing a service outage or interruption that seems larger than your own residence or business, please be sure to check our homepage for an outage notification button in the top right. If MTC is aware of a known service impacting event, we give a detailed explanation of the event here on our site and may post something on our social media accounts to increase the communication.


If you find yourself beating us to the punch and want to inform us of a service impacting event, we appreciate it and you can call us at 845-586-2288 option 1 and speak to any of our Technical Support Specialists to report your concern. We will check our networks for interruptions and deploy our teams to the scene! 


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