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MTC Cable is conducting a survey to better understand viewership for local and regional network/news programming sources. If you could help us by filling out this brief survey, it would be greatly appreciated.

Customer Viewership Survey

Please Choose Only 1 Option Per Question

How often do you watch channel 12 WBNG out of Binghamton? 1 Being Not Very Often & 5 Being Very Often
What region do you look for when receiving your daily news?
MTC Channel 6 WRGB is also a CBS Affiliate out of Albany. How often do you watch Channel 6? 1 Being Not Very Often & 5 Being Very Often
Do you feel there is a void in Catskills Region specific news and local content programming and coverage?
Which CBS channel do you prefer regarding local programming?
How often would you tune into a channel focused on local content and news specific to the Catskills Region? 1 Being Not Very Often & 5 Being Very Often

The Staff at MTC wants to thank the community for their patience, understanding and willingness to work with us as we remain committed to addressing the needs of the communities we serve. We continue to experience a high call volume and above average number of service requests which has caused disruptions to our typical installation schedule. We appreciate your patience as we focus on the most urgent needs within our community and make our way to each customer needing our help. During this time we have been expanding our resources to address the increased requests from residents and businesses in MTC service areas to become new customers for broadband, video or telephone service and doing our best to respond expeditiously to requests from customers with current accounts to upgrade their broadband or video service to higher performance packages or make other service adjustments. Thank you again and as always, reach out to our team for any needs or concerns! Now more than ever, our communities are Stronger Together!


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The Amazon Prime Video App is now available on the TiVO Apps menu page! Amazon Prime Video offers a vast streaming catalog of your favorite movies, TV shows and Amazon Originals along with over 200,000 movies and TV episodes available to buy or rent! For existing Amazon Prime subscribers, click the TiVO button on your remote, scroll to the APPS tab and simply login to your Amazon Prime account! For customers looking to subscribe to the Amazon Prime App, a new account can be created directly through the TiVO Prime Video app which comes with a 30-day FREE Amazon Prime trial from Amazon. Happy streaming!  


All TiVO Customers, please be aware that as of August 25, 2020 TiVO VU-IT! will no longer be carrying the Amazon Alexa app on their platform. If you are currently using this application through your TiVO box, it will cease to be in your apps list as of this date. Thank you. 


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Whether you're a contractor or a homeowner doing an outdoor project, having underground utilities marked is essential to protect yourself from injury and prevent damage to underground utility lines. Having underground utilities marked is easy - simply call 811 at least two working days prior but not more then 10 working days before you plan to start your project. 


Margaretville Telephone Company

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Margaretville, NY 12455

Customer Service Office:

579 Main Street

Margaretville, NY 12455

Repair: 845-586-2288

Toll Free:  877-727-2288

Customer Service:  845-586-3311

Automated Payment: 844-846-2687



PLEASE NOTE:  MTC emails will be responded to same day, during normal business hours, Monday through Friday between 8:00am-4:00pm.


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