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MTC Expanded Customer Service Resources


In an effort to enhance our operational efforts, MTC has partnered with a call center dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. Our awesome Customer Service Reps are still in the office waiting for your phone calls, we just wanted to give them some help with our outbound calling campaigns!

Over the next few months, you may receive a call from them regarding your current services. This company will introduce themselves as "Calling on behalf of MTC or Margaretville Telephone Company." THIS IS NOT A SPAM CALL.


Unlike a spam call, they will not ask for information like your Social Security number, but they will ask and confirm basic contact information like phone numbers and email addresses. As always be safe and vigilant and if you are uncomfortable, you can always call our Customer Service Department at 845-586-2288.

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Margaretville Telephone Company Introduces MTC Cable Plus: A Cutting-Edge Streaming IPTV Solution

MTC Cable Plus heralds a new era in home cable TV entertainment, offering subscribers an innovative streaming app compatible with mobile devices and a range of popular streaming platforms. This groundbreaking service is complemented by the introduction of the Force One Box, a compact set-top box that serves as the gateway to a world of entertainment possibilities.

With MTC Cable Plus, customers continue to enjoy the same cable TV entertainment plus they gain access to an extensive library of top-tier streaming apps, including household favorites such as Disney Plus, Netflix, Paramount Plus, HBO Max, and many more. This comprehensive lineup ensures that users can enjoy their favorite movies, TV shows, and exclusive content all in one place, with the convenience of a single device.

Check out the full blog post here!

MTC is pleased to announce Public Wi-Fi access in both the Town of Andes and the Town of Phoenicia!

MTC technicians have installed trial runs of Public Wi-Fi, and it has created a lot of buzz within the community! It’s no secret that in a lot of the towns and surrounding areas – cell coverage is sparce to say the least.  In today's digital age, staying connected to the internet has become an essential part of our lives.


However, there are still areas where cell coverage is limited or nonexistent. In such situations, the availability of public Wi-Fi can be a game-changer. By providing public Wi-Fi access, users can remain connected to the outside world, no matter what the cell coverage may be in that area.


Public Wi-Fi in areas with no cell coverage brings numerous benefits to individuals, communities, and businesses. It bridges the connectivity gap, boosts the local economy, enhances emergency communication, and fosters social interaction. Next time you’re in the Town of Andes or the Town of Phoenicia, look on the poles for the QR code, and stay connected - even in the great outdoors!

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Introducing the companion you didn't know you needed – MTC Connect Wi-Fi!


Included when you subscribe to MTC's Managed Wi-Fi Solutions is the all-new Wi-Fi "remote control." Our new app empowers you to create and enforce online rules for other users on your network and their devices on your home networks, all while a network-level security app quietly runs in the background, keeping malicious websites, viruses, and intrusions away from you and your family's devices 24/7. The app includes options to set up enhanced parental controls, create guest networks, change network passwords, and much more. Now, offering an added layer of network-level security, you can protect your entire home network and provide your devices with an extra level of protection for connected devices. MTC is dedicated to providing superior service and for that reason, our routers and mesh units are all equipped with the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology. Enjoy increased capacity, better coverage, and the best experience. Subscribe to Managed Wi-Fi Solutions today and take all things Wi-Fi into your own hands.

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MTC Is Commited To Community 

# StrongerTogether

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