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MTC Cable announces broadband speed increases coming in April!


We have noticed a trend that homes are increasingly adding more and more connected devices with 20 plus being the standard within a given home. This trend has increased the demand for speed significantly, so in a desire and effort to enhance the customer experience, MTC Cable has raised internet speeds for 2023! For more details click HERE!

MTC Makes the News! Greene County Broadband Study


MTC was part of a mutually beneficial and collaborative effort from county officials and broadband service providers to utilize much needed America Rescue Plan Funding to solidify "final mile" projects to completely connect the whole of Greene county with adequate highspeed broadband access. You can see the full Times Union article HERE!

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MTC Launches a Dedicated Technical Support Team!


MTC is dedicated to the continual enhancement of your services and experience with us. As of December 1, 2022 we launched a dedicated Technical Support Team tasked with further expediting and handling our customer calls for troubleshooting and streamlining the reporting of trouble tickets. If you are experiencing any interruption to your services with us, our Technical Support Specialists can be reached at 845-586-2288 option 1.

They are ready to handle your calls and provide you with the best customer experience ensuring your services are back up and running as expected!   

Experiencing a Service Outage & Want to Know Why?

If you are ever experiencing a service outage or interruption that seems larger than your own residence or business, please be sure to check our homepage for an outage notification button in the top right. If MTC is aware of a known service impacting event, we give a detailed explanation of the event here on our site and may post something on our social media accounts to increase the communication.


If you find yourself beating us to the punch and want to inform us of a service impacting event, we appreciate it and you can call us at 845-586-2288 option 1 and speak to any of our Technical Support Specialists to report your concern. We will check our networks for interruptions and deploy our teams to the scene! 

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What is Spoofing?


Spoofing is when a caller is sending falsified caller id information to your phone when making a call. Many times scammers will use local information from neighbors, companies or government agencies you know and trust.


The problem is that scammers will use this as a way to get personal information from you over the phone which can be used in fraudulent activity.


Please know, MTC does not call any of our customers asking for your account, personal, or financial information, this is a SCAMMER and not MTC. We urge you to block the phone number and be cautious with how you react or interact with the call.


Scammers like to use emails and phone calls to trigger interaction from us to gain unwarranted access to our personal or financial information.


It is always good practice to block suspicious email addresses and phone numbers as they come across our devices.


If you are unsure of a call or email you have received claiming to be MTC, connect with us toll free at 1-877-727-2288 and our Customer Service team will be happy to discuss it with you.


As always, be smart, be safe!

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MTC Is Commited To Community 

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