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Telecommunications Service Impact as a result of Commercial Power Failures

               The Margaretville Telephone Company and MTC Cable continue to prioritize and make significant investments in network resiliency to mitigate impacts from commercial power failure and other natural disaster events which may impact the operation of the telecommunications network. Often, widespread commercial power failures are the result of weather events in which the telecommunications network operations may also be impacted (fallen trees, washed out pole lines, etc.).


               In general, the MTC telecommunications network is engineered to remain operational for extended periods of time during a commercial power failure. For example, critical network components incorporate redundant long-term battery back-up solutions combined with redundant generator configurations. 

               While MTC's core network of services remains operational to the exterior of a home during a commercial power failure, often times a customer experiences a loss of services in their home due to in-home equipment not being supported by a battery back-up solution i.e. cordless phones, select modems or wireless internet routers. 

                MTC recommends the following options to keep your services running for an extended period of time during events such as commercial power failure:

*Please note: take caution around any downed wires you come across on your property or in any roadway. Do not approach any downed wires to prevent any electrical injury to you or others. If you see any downed wires at any time, please contact your local electrical utility provider and/or your local telecommunications provider so the wires can be secured out of harms way in the proper way. MTC can be contacted toll-free at 1-877-727-2288 or you can email us at*


  1. MTC landline phone subscribers should make available in their home a corded phone as cordless phones will not be operational during a power failure. Call our business office toll-free at 1-877-727-2288 to purchase a corded phone directly from MTC.

  2. Purchasing an in-home battery back-up solution from companies such as an APCTM , CyberpowerTM, or TrippLiteTM to keep           your cable modem and wireless internet router operational for an extended period of time.


  3. The most effective way to keep your services operational during a power failure is to purchase and install a whole home            generator system from a company such as GENERACTM, CumminsTM,  or KohlerTM.

               Below here is a question and answer section designed to inform customers as to some of the considerations which should be given to the operation of their individual communications needs during a pro-longed commercial power failure.

Does MTC have access to your property's gated or chained driveway?

MTC understands the relevance of protecting your properties and limiting access to them by means of gates or chains. What we encourage our subscribers to do is to provide us with a key or code to your property for gaining access in the event of a power outage or to perform routine maintenance when needed. Many property owners have provided us with keys, codes or lock combinations to allow us on their property.

There are many occurrences when we come up on a new chain or gate and have no means to gain access except to remove the gate or cut the chain to access the property. In these circumstances we remove the gate if possible or cut a link from the chain and install a repair link in its place when we leave.

If you’re a new property owner or an existing subscriber that has installed a gate or chain, please contact us toll free at

1-877-727-2288 to provide us with the means in which we can access the property. This would be beneficial to both of us in the event of an emergency.

Do my MTC Phone and Broadband services stay active during a power outage?

Yes,   MTC’s phone and broadband network stays active. To utilize these services, ensure the equipment inside the home is equipped with a battery back up solution and/or whole home generator.

Does my television service stay active during a power outage?


Yes,   if you have the set-top box equipped with a battery back up solution and/or whole home generator, you can sustain television viewing during a commercial power outage.

Will my cordless phone still work during a power outage?

No,   MTC recommends purchasing a corded phone and during a power outage, connecting it directly to the battery backed-up cable modem (MTA) in your home. MTC offers corded phones for purchase if you need one.


How long will my services last with a battery back-up solution during a power outage?


Depending on the equipment being used, a battery back-up solution can give the customer 5-8 hours of network resiliency. This time frame varies on how long the equipment is in either standby or active mode during the outage.


What is the lifespan of a battery back-up solution?


Most battery back-up solutions have a lifespan of 5-8 years. Although these batteries are rechargeable, it is recommended to test your battery periodically for its operation and condition.


I have a whole home generator system, will my MTC services stay active when it’s running during a power outage?


Yes,   but check with your energy plan after installing your whole home generator system. Double check the circuit that powers MTC’s equipment is active when your house is running on generator power. 


I have cell coverage where I live, will my cell service stay active during a power outage?


Yes,   while we are not currently a cell service provider, it is known that the FCC has certain requirements for cellular carriers including backup electric power at most cell sites to support operations for 2-4 hours. 

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