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Managed Wi-Fi: the next step.

Managed Wi-Fi is becoming increasingly important as broadband customers use more and more devices in the home – making it increasingly important for the Wi-Fi signal to be as strong at one end of the home as it is at the other, with no dead zones.

MTC’s Managed Wi-Fi uses a mesh network that utilizes multiple access points that provide a strong Wi-Fi signal to every corner of the house, even to outdoor decks and patios. Each access point transmits its own signal resulting in better, more reliable Wi-Fi coverage. Large houses with unique layouts or constructed out of materials that might disrupt a Wi-Fi signal would benefit from a Managed Wi-Fi system but today most homes can benefit from Managed Wi-Fi for a variety of reasons. With the rapid advancement of computer technologies such as internet-connected devices like smart watches, speakers, thermostats, appliances, lightbulbs and the like, a Managed Wi-Fi system provides a stronger signal with less chance of being interrupted.

So, how does it work? MTC’s Managed Wi-Fi has a primary unit and mesh units which are positioned where needed to increase Wi-Fi coverage in areas where the signal might not be as strong.

Along with the Managed Wi-Fi Service, Technical Support is provided on any of the Managed Wi-Fi or Mesh Units provided by MTC.

Interested in getting Managed Wi-Fi? Call MTC's Customer Service Team at 845-586-2288 to get more information or to schedule an appointment.

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