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At times your Internet connection may appear to be down and all it takes is a quick step to get you back online.


MTC offers free 24/7 technical support and we encourage you to use that service. Following is a list of tips that might help you find a solution more quickly or gather important information about the problem to pass along to technical support.

  1. Check your connections. Make sure that all of the connections to the computer, modem, and router are secure.

  2. Reboot all of your equipment. Be sure to restart your modem first and give it time to set up. Follow that with restarting your computer.

  3. Spyware / Adware / Viruses – These harmful programs can sneak onto your computer and cause your Internet browser program not to open and/or consume so much of your computer’s resources that few other programs can function. MTC encourages our customers to run an anti-virus/spyware/adware program periodically. This is especially helpful when a problem is experienced with your Internet connection.

When contacting Technical Support, try to have the following information ready to share:

  • Track Errors – Have a list of any error messages that have popped up. Please be as specific as possible when recording error messages.

  • Know what type of service that you have. For example, Cable Modem or DSL.

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