Utility Line Vulnerability When In The Line Of Fire

Recently, residents in the Town of Andes area suffered an extended MTC Telecommunications outage that was the result of a gunshot to our Fiber Optic cable that services that area. The bullet penetrated the cable and caused catastrophic damage to the glass fiber strands that carry the telecommunications signals to those residents. This incident interrupted critical telecommunications services, including the ability to call 9-1-1 emergency services, and cut off internet and TV services.

Damage to these lines can cause interruptions in critical telecommunications facilities which provide circuits for hospitals and education, business communications, backhaul of cellular communications and most importantly, the ability for people to call for an ambulance, fire department or police assistance.

Consideration also needs to be given to the cost associated with the repair of damaged lines. Repair costs can run in to the tens of thousands of dollars to restore interrupted services and repair technicians may be forced to work in extreme conditions to make those repairs. Not only can the costs of the physical repair be passed on to the individual or entity responsible for the damage, charges for loss of services, and any liabilities caused by such loss of services can also be incurred.

Please take the necessary precautions before discharging a firearm to insure there are no utility facilities located within the target area.





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