Hamden, Colchester, Downsville: Tired of Slow Internet?

Are you tired of your current Internet service slowing down or "buffering" when you are trying to stream movies or binge watch your favorite TV series or when playing online games? Well, wait no more. MTC has a solution! High Speed Internet is available to customers in areas of Hamden, Colchester and Downsville.

New customers in the MTC service territory can save $$ on their Internet and phone service ... add TV and save even more. Call the MTC Customer Service Team to see if your service address is in the MTC's service territory at 845-586-2288 and find out about this promotional offer!

Some available addresses in Hamden and Colchester are as follows:

Baker Hill Road

Bendzunas Road

Brace Hill Road

County Highway 26

Crystal Meadows Road

Dann Road

Davis Lane

Fuller Hollow Road

Gardiner Lane

Granger Road

Gregory Hollow Road

McDonald Road

McDonald Road Spur

Stonewall Hill Lane

Tompkins Road

Tompkins Spur

Wolfs Lair Road

Call today to find out if your address is in MTC's service territory - 845-586-2288!

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