As numbers are exhausted in the 845 area code, 329 comes in for support!

The 845 area code is running out of numbers that can be issued to customers. The solution to this situation was decided to implement 329 as an overlay for 845. As petitioned by the North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA) and approved by NYS DPS, the 329 overlay is expected to be fully functional as of Q3 2023. As per the NYS DPS, this process is considered to be the least disruptive and most cost effective way for current telephone customers to keep their existing phone numbers, plus give the ability to add new phone numbers in the 845 Area Code for new customers in the Hudson Valley Area.

For a good read on the topic, click on the following attributed article link from April 2022 regarding this process.

Here's Hudson Valley's New Area Code.

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