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MTC, your local provider of high speed internet, cable TV and phone services, is happy to announce the following streets in Gilboa, Grand Gorge, Lexington and Roxbury are available for service:

Field Stone Drive, Gilboa

Kemper Mountain Rd, Gilboa

Wild Berry Drive, Gilboa

Route 30, Grand Gorge Mountain, Grand Gorge

Crump Hill Road, Lexington

Echo Farm Drive, Lexington

O'Connor Drive, Lexington

Van Etten Road, Lexington

Charles Dent Road, Roxbury

Ferris Hill Road, Roxbury

Ferris Hill Spur, Roxbury

Fist-O-Funk Blvd., Roxbury

Frank Cottone Road, Roxbury

Murray Road, Roxbury

Interested in MTC's Services? Give the Customer Service Team a call at 845-586-2288 or 877-727-2288 to find out more. MTC Blog posts provide the latest information that affects our customers and our industry. More information will be made available as service areas are completed - stay tuned!

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