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Deadline: December 1 for some Netflix Subscribers

Beginning December 1, 2019, Netflix will no longer be supported on some devices that are more than 8 years old due to technical limitations that have to do with protecting provider content. If you are a Netflix subscriber and own one of these older TVs or Roku devices, Netflix is now sending out multiple reminders to make subscribers using these devices aware.

So, you’re probably wondering if your device is affected by this and what to do. Here’s some valuable information …

This is a list of some of the devices that may no longer be supported beginning December 1:

  • Samsung Smart TV that are marked with a C or D after the screen size in the model code

  • The following first-generation Roku models: 2000C, 2050X, 2100X, HD, SD, XD, XR and any other Roku devices that cannot auto-play the next episode

  • Older LG and Vizio Smart TVs may be affected as well, as these devices were previously affected by the same problem with Hulu and YouTube

If you’re still using one of these devices, as of December 1st, and you want to continue using the streaming service, you’ll need to either buy a new device or you can upgrade your MTC service with a TiVo set-top box which allows you stream from the box to your existing TV.

Want more information? Give our Customer Service Team a call at 877-727-2288 to discuss how MTC can help you with your streaming services.

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