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What's a Sunday afternoon without Football?

Love watching football? Want to watch your favorite teams, but there never seems to be a way to catch all the action? That’s why the National Football League (NFL) created the NFL RedZone!

The NFL RedZone makes it possible to enjoy Sunday afternoon football from your TV or mobile device. You can follow your favorite teams, catch all the highlights, keep track of fantasy football players and get to see the exciting highlights of each game!

The NFL RedZone also makes sure that its followers see every play inside the “red zone” from every game on Sunday afternoon with no commercial interruptions. Plus, you won’t miss the action if there are two key plays from two different games … the NFL RedZone has a dual screen for that. It’s a great way to watch all the NFL games every Sunday afternoon.

NFL RedZone coverage begins September 8th!

It's easy! For only $3.95/month (if you have an MTC HD converter box) you can get all the action with the NFL RedZone, plus as a bonus you will receive 7 additional specialty movie and sport channels at no additional charge.

Call 877-727-2288 to get yours today!

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