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"Connecting Our Communities" a way of life and business at MTC

“Connecting our Communities with an Advanced Fiber Optic Network” demonstrates the commitment MTC has made to introduce new telecommunications technologies to the Central Catskills Region. MTC has deployed over 1,000 miles of high capacity fiber-optic cable offering advanced telecommunications services for both res­idential and business customers. Fiber optic technology provides a future proof and energy efficient means of transmitting communications signals. By transmitting pulses of light through a strand of glass the thickness of a human hair, broadband, phone, video, and commercial-class Ethernet services can be offered even to the most rural segments of our communities. Fiber optic cables are used to provide the high capacity network backbone essential for existing copper-based networks as well as direct connection to the home in the rural segments of our communities where traditional copper networks are challenged to provide these new service offerings. The availability of fiber optic networks within a community is critical in facilitating the expansion of new com­munications services including cell tower deployments, community Wi-Fi, and dedicated Ethernet connections for commercial business needs. Access to advanced telecommunications services, fiber-optic based networks, plays a key role in the economic health and social vibrancy in many rural communities.

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