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MTC Construction Update - Winter/Spring 2018


Fiber construction is almost complete in the Town of Harpersfield. MTC is working daily to complete the necessary fiber splicing to activate the area along County Route 29 and to the north. We expect residents and businesses in those areas will be available for service during the early part of March. Open House announcement coming soon!


MTC has identified Phase 1 fiber construction implementation to be completed by the end of February. Service is currently available for residents and business along Taylor Road, Churchill Road, Easy Street, Peck Street, Stardust Drive, Sternberg Road and Sunrise Sunset Drive. Our Customer Service Team is currently taking appointments for installation in this area at this time. The area east of Taylor Rd along and adjacent to State Route 10 south of Jones Hill Road can expect to receive notice of service availability during the early part of March. Watch for an Open House announcement coming soon! Click here to request more information.


Our engineering and mapping teams are working diligently with the folks from Central Hudson Gas and Electric to ensure that the utility poles are prepared and ready for our crews to attach the necessary cables. This phase of the fiber construction will begin at the Town Hall on Route 42 and will continue south to Westkill. As CHE&G gets their poles prepared on Spruceton Road, we will follow along hanging our fiber cable as quickly as possible. Concurrently, we will have technicians working in our Network Operations Center and in the newly constructed electronics hut adjacent to the wastewater treatment facility on activation of services which will occur during the month of April. Additional updates will be posted to our website.


Fiber construction crews and network technicians have been working in various portions of the Town of Andes in preparation of activating the Fiber To The Home (FTTH) network in the MTC traditional telephone areas. MTC cable drop contractors have already visited numerous locations to install aerial drop cables in advance of service availability. Residents and business with buried/underground utilities are urged to contact our office for a site survey to prepare to get a MTC supplied conduit in the ground as soon as possible. Over time, FTTH High Speed Broadband will replace the traditional DSL service in all of the MTC areas. FTTH will also allow residents and businesses in the traditional telephone territory to bundle MTC TV and unlimited calling digital phone services. Our schedule for activation will begin during the month of March in the Tremperskill area. That will be followed by Fall Clove and then the areas surrounding the hamlet of Andes toward and including Tunis Lake, Gladstone Hollow and Palmer Hill to and including the Finkle Road area. Contractors and technicians are also working in the Barkaboom area and Beech Hill north of Mary Smith Hill Road. Additionally, fiber crews will be seen working along Route 28 south of Andes between Crescent Hill and Dunraven, including the side roads off Route 28. An Open House will be scheduled sometime in May in the Andes area and will be announced on our website.

For more information, please contact the MTC Customer Service Team at (877) 727-2288 or click here to fill out a form to find out if your address is in our service area.

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