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High Speed Internet, is satellite as good as it gets in rural New York?

High Speed Internet available in rural upstate New York.

Say "Hello" to Margaretvill Telephone Company, more commonly known as MTC. MTC has been around for over 100 years and has made a name for itself by providing telephone service to small and mid-sized rural New York. Though digital subscriber lines still service some areas, MTC is now offering fiber optic cable services (high speed internet, cable television and telephone) to many new rural locations in Delaware, Greene, Schoharie and Ulster Counties. MTC is a locally owned and operated company, but maybe you still don’t know them ... but maybe you should.

Most of this area has been subjected to internet service through only one source: satellite, which has its challenges like severe latency issues through atmospheric disturbances (rain or snow, which is all too common in upstate New York) and low data caps (around 50 GB per month). But, most rural customers are willing to sign a minimum of a two-year contract and be happy with less than optimal speeds and low data caps. But for these customers it seemed to be the only option for internet service or no internet service at all. Not to mention what happens when you reach that data cap … frustrated internet users or frustrated internet users that are only using their devices after 10pm and into the wee hours of the morning.

Now you have an option! MTC now has individual services and discounted packages for “real” high speed internet, cable television and telephone with no contracts to sign. With speeds up to 100Mbps and data usage up to 1,000 GB, you can have your internet and use it too! These services are to meet the needs for every individual … so, if you just answer email and do some web browsing – MTC has a service for that; lots of kids with the latest devices, streaming and playing games – MTC has a plan for that; no cell reception, have favorite television programs, and like to stream movies – MTC has a bundle for that!

Interested in finding out about your options? Call or email MTC’s Customer Service Team at 845-586-2288 or email to find out if you’re in the MTC service area or to schedule an appointment. Not in MTC’s service area? There are several other telcoms in the area that can be recommended.

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