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New Roku Users Beware: Old Roku Scam Resurfaces

Over the years, scammers have tried to convince Roku owners that they had to pay to activate their Roku device. If you are new to Roku, just remember Roku does not charge an activation fee, or offer you anything else (like free Hulu for life) for a price when activating your Roku device. You do not need to go to a third-party website or call any phone number to set up your account. Do not search Roku Activation, this will lead you to the scam.

Simply go to directly and enter the code you see on your Roku device. You will be asked to enter your Roku information and create your FREE account (if you don’t already have one). Remember: Once you have purchased your Roku device, there is no cost to set it up. Make sure that you are on the website. Any website that is not is NOT a Roku-owned website.

The instructions for the device clearly state “Make sure you type into the browser being careful not to misspell or add extra characters. Typing this incorrectly may take you to fraudulent websites.”

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