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Redundancy ... You Can Say That Again

We live in a digital world and rely on information technology for our everyday business and personal lives. Technology downtime can be a nuisance; however, things happen. We incur natural disasters, heavy snowfalls, wind, rain, etc. all have an impact on the systems we use daily … internet, phone and television.

MTC has a strong and unwavering commitment to minimizing subscriber’s downtime as access to information has become vital in the day to day or even second to second world that we live in. This is the reason that MTC is working diligently to implement redundant networks where equipment is connected in such a way that the data transmission can take multiple paths, essentially a backup connection that kicks into action when the main connection fails. MTC’s network redundancy is achieved by a ring circuit when one side of the ring goes down, it automatically switches to the other side with minimal downtime. In fact, we have created great partnerships with neighboring telecommunications companies to help ensure that all our systems can remain operational in the event something does happen to our main data delivery.

Creating these redundant networks is an ongoing process that takes a great deal of time and effort. We will continue to research and construct redundant fiber routes and install the equipment necessary to ensuring that our networks remain operational with little to no downtime.

Want more information on MTC’s products and services? Call the MTC Customer Service Team at 877-727-2288.

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