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With MTC you can talk to your remote - it's that easy!

MTC's TiVo set-top box is compatible with Alexa. Don't have Alexa? Now you can search for your favorite shows or movies on the TiVo set-top box by simply speaking to MTC's new TiVo VOX Remote.

The VOX Remote features voice recognition technology. Push the blue microphone button and talk to your remote. Your TiVo set-top box understands your command and does the rest, simultaneously searching across your live TV, recordings and streaming services to deliver personalized results.

Just remember, your TiVo VOX Remote must be paired with your TiVo set-top box. It's so easy ... check out these examples ...

Want more information? You can call our Customer Service Team at 877-727-2288 to find out how to get yours!

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