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MTC Upgrades DSL Areas in Rural New York to Fiber

MTC's Fiber network brings you amazing things like the fastest internet available in the area, digital voice quality, brilliant TV picture quality and the entertainment you've grown to love in this area. Although MTC's copper network has delivered communication services to our customers for many years, it will soon be unable to provide the bandwidth necessary to keep up with the many developments in communications services.

The old MTC copper network will be retired once the Fiber network is completed, before the end of 2019. If you currently have MTC services, you can continue to get the same services, but they'll be in a more robust form over the Fiber network instead of copper. This will enable MTC customers to get the maximum benefits from MTC's services ... real high speed internet, phone services with unlimited long distance in the United States and all the calling features, and now digital television services with over 250+ channels including HD and 4K.

This Fiber technology will enhance your current MTC experience and provide you with additional services that can be bundled for a cost savings.

At this time, there is no fee associated with this service upgrade.

MTC's Fiber conversion give customers an increased reliability compared to the copper network, access to faster internet speeds, enhanced performance of online activities including streaming video, and adds value to your home.

Bundle your services for one price on one monthly bill. Find out about 2019 promotions by calling our Customer Care Team today 877-727-2288.

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