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Your Internet Speed just got Faster!

There is a desire for high speed internet access across our area, children to adults, enabling people to do their jobs, obtain information and keep in touch with the world. MTC continues to build and improve broadband services throughout the designated footprint.

MTC is happy to announce that residential broadband services up to 100 Mbps and business broadband services up to 200 Mbps are now available in the following territories:

  • Cold Spring / Stratton Falls

  • Deer Run

  • East Hubbell Hill

  • Halcottsville

  • Meeker Hollow

  • Roxbury

  • Roxbury Run

If you are a current MTC customer and are interested in increasing your internet speed, call our Customer Service Team to find out more and place your order or fill out a request for information HERE.

Interested in getting MTC's high speed broadband services? Call our Customer Service Team or fill out a request for information HERE and we'll get back to you.

Stay tuned for more broadband updates coming soon ...

MTC | Customer Service Team (877) 727-2288

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