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Netflix, the latest addition to MTC Cable's TiVo powered Vu-It! Service

The search for movies and more from multiple platforms has just gotten easier. With the addition of the Netflix app to MTC Cable’s Vu-It service, customers will be able to search multiple platforms for video programming, record up to 6 programs at once, utilize 1-Tarabit of DVR storage, watch video content in any room with TiVo mini, and stream recorded content to their Android or iOS device all without the need to switch television inputs.

MTC’s partnership with Netflix is very exciting. Netflix will complement MTC’s existing video content services with its movie catalog and its vast array of original TV series such as Arrested Development, House of Cards and others.

Along with the Hulu app, a Netflix subscription is necessary to access the programming, but this allows users unlimited access to movies and TV shows each month on the MTC Vu-It platform and on multiple devices (laptops, tablets, etc.).

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