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Are you a second homeowner?  Looking to go away for an extended vacation?  MTC offers seasonal and vacation hold options for your service.  


Without canceling your service completely, this option allows you to suspend your services for a minimal fee*. This means you can keep your phone number, modem, set-top box and DVR recordings and other equipment while you are away. When you call us with your return date, we will reconnect** your Internet, Phone and Television so they are ready for use upon your return.

It's easy ... give our Customer Service Team a call at 1-877-727-2288 when you're ready to place your services on hold or to answer any questions you may have.  

*To retain a phone number and a set-top box, a minimal fee will be incurred per month. Seasonal/Vacation Hold Services and Regular Services are based on a monthly billing cycle. Taxes and other fees may apply.

**Reconnection charges apply Lifeline plans are not eligible for Seasonal Service. 

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