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Let's Talk 5G ...

When you hear “5G”, you think about your cellular device, right? Well when MTC talks about 5Ghz Wi-Fi, that has nothing to do with your mobile network but everything to do with making your wireless Internet connection better and faster.

When you get Wi-Fi from MTC, you get both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. So, what does this mean to you? 5Ghz gives you faster service with more bandwidth and 2.4Ghz might be a bit slower but it has a stronger signal and wider coverage. So again, what does this mean to you?

Routers with 2.4Ghz can cover a wider area and is great to do things like browse the Internet. This frequency is also better at penetrating through walls and doors, but this frequency isn’t just used for Wi-Fi. In-home cordless phones, baby monitors and even microwaves and garage door openers use and/or interfere with the 2.4Ghz band. Interference symptoms depend on the severity of the interference itself, it can cause many issues like intermittent Wi-Fi drop-outs all the way to completely making the signal unusable.

However, 5Ghz allows you to achieve faster speeds on your wireless devices and is great for using high-bandwidth devices or if you like streaming movies or on-line gaming.

MTC’s GigaCenter Managed Wi-Fi will select the best frequency, based on your location in proximity to your Wi-Fi, which is what is known as band steering. So, consider the placement of your Wi-Fi device, so that the wireless signal is able to reach all areas of your home. The best thing to do is to figure out where in your home you use Wi-Fi most often and place your router there, a central location, off the ground, out in the open is ideal.

MTC’s GigaCenter is designed so MTC can help troubleshoot any Internet/Wi-Fi issues. Most of these issues can be resolved remotely and if not, there will be no cost to you for an on-site call. If you’re still not getting a good Wi-Fi signal throughout your home, your Wi-Fi coverage may not be adequate with just one Wi-Fi access point. That’s where a GigaCenter Mesh Unit can help, it connects to the GigaCenter to provide extended Wi-Fi coverage. Unlike Wi-Fi extenders that you might purchase from a local electronics retailer, the GigaCenter Mesh Unit extends your network seamlessly without slowing down your connection speed or the Wi-Fi network overall. Once installed you will receive a strong signal and optimum performance in those Wi-Fi “dead zones”.

For more information on MTC’s Managed Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi frequencies, please call the MTC Customer Service Team at 877-727-2288.

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