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Construction Update: Conesville/Gilboa

CONESVILLE: MTC will have GPS crews working in the Town of Conesville during the September/October time frame to gather pole and line data for our fiber extensions to the northern unserved areas of the town. This work requires the crew to walk pole to pole to gather GPS points, pole numbers and other line data. The goal of this next phase of work is to bring high speed broadband service to all of the unserved locations within the 607 area code in the Town of Conesville. Construction for this project will begin during the first half of 2018.

GILBOA: GPS crews will be gathering pole and line data in northern and western Gilboa over the next couple of weeks in September to finalize the mapping and design for extensions of our fiber service to the unserved portion of the township. This work requires the one or two person crew to walk the pole line to gather line information such as GPS points and pole numbers. Construction for this project will occur in the beginning of 2018, to bring broadband to the unserved 607 area code portion of the Town of Gilboa.

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