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Interested in MTC's Services at your home or business?

Here are some things you'll need to know ...

  • Is your current electrical service aerial (above ground) or buried (underground)?

    • If underground, do you have a conduit (buried tube) with a pull string that we can use to pull the cable line through? Or do you need us to provide you with conduit?  For information on conduit installation, click here.  You will need to have the conduit buried before setting up an appointment for installation.  For a list of contractors in our area that can bury conduit, click here.


  • Are you interested in "real" high speed internet service without hard data limits?  Find out about what MTC has to offer:

  • Take all the worry out of troubleshooting your Wi-Fi, with MTC's Managed Wi-Fi experience, click here.


  • Do you currently have a landline phone and you would like to keep your existing phone number?

    • A letter of authorization is required for MTC to take your number from another carrier, click here to download a copy.  Please fill out the form and send it back to us via fax (845-586-4050) or email  You will need to submit this form before scheduling your appointment.

  • Interested in what television channels are available through MTC?

    • Digital Choice gives you all the local, cable and digital channels available including HD and 4K (premium channels sold seperately), click here.

    • Family Package give you 90 local and cable channels (HD is not included), click here.

    • Family Lite give you 80+ local and cable channels without the sports channels (HD is not included), click here.

    • Local Package gives you local area networks along with the Weather Channel and Channel 10 Community Channel, click here.

Have questions?  Need to order conduit?  Ready to place your order? 

Call MTC's Customer Service Team at 877-727-2288.

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