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MTC Managed Wi-Fi Solutions

Offering an unrivaled Wi-Fi experience, MTC gives everyone exceptional and secure connectivity anywhere in your home, business – and beyond. 


With consistent, fast service, MTC's Managed Wi-Fi allows access to all the Internet has to offer.

Call us toll-free: 1-877-727-2288

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/ mo.

With MTC installed GigaSpire Router

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You now have an app for that!

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CommandIQ App is available only on mobile devices and not downloadable or useable on laptops or desktops.

  • View the number of connected devices​

  • See the latest speed test results​

  • Interact with the main menu for network control

  • Quickly see any important notifications​

  • Enable parental controls​

  • Set up a guest network​

  • View details on connected devices​

  • Reset the SSID and Password for Wi-Fi

The CommandIQ App is available to give you control over your WiFi network with some of these great features: 

 - User-Friendly Dashboard  

 - Remote Speed Testing

 - Device Management

 - 24/7/365 Cloud Support

 - Parental Controls

 - Remote Network Name and SSID Changes

CommandIQ Setup

Manage My Network

People, Places and Things

Network Usage

Download the Command iQ Product Guide or the Quick Start Guide and take control of your Wi-Fi Network today! 

The Smart Phone App provides 24/7/365 MTC Cloud Support giving you more visibility and control over your network!


You now have access to on-the-go speed tests, the ability to limit internet access to devices connected to your network, change network names & passwords and so much more!


For more information on how you can gain more access to your network,

call our Customer Service office toll-free at 877-727-2288.

*Command iQ does not support all MTC Managed Wi-Fi Solutions.

For more information to know if your MTC Managed Wi-Fi is compatible with the Command iQ App please contact our Customer Service Team at 877-727-2288.

Experience IQ Image.jpg

Need more control over what your kids are browsing and how?

Then you need ExperienceIQ!

CommandIQ ExperienceIQ Profile Pic.png
Security Shield CommandIQ.png
Gigaspire Image.png

Available when you take MTC's Managed WiFi Solutions with a Gigaspire Wi-Fi 6 Certified Router.


ExperienceIQ comes packed with enhanced parental controls allowing you to set the boundaries!





/ mo.

When paired with MTC Managed Wi-Fi Solutions on a MTC Installed GigaSpire

ExperienceIQ requires the download and use of the CommandIQ App on a mobile device as it is an add-on feature within the app.  

The ExperienceIQ Enhanced Parental Controls Suite is gives you peace of mind with these features and more!: 

  • Device to person paired profile set up

  • Content filtering on various devices

  • Screen Time Scheduling

  • Manual ON or OFF control of device access to network

ExperienceIQ Profile Setup

Content Filtering

Mobile Notifications


For more information on how you can start using the ExperienceIQ suite for CommandIQ,

call our Customer Service office toll-free at 877-727-2288.

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