MTC's COVID-19 Commitment


Margaretville Telephone Company and MTC Cable Continues Pledge Keep Communities Connected


             Margaretville Telephone Company and MTC Cable is continuing its commitment to serving their customers and communities by keeping them connected.  MTC made a community minded commitment in March 2020 promising to continue providing high quality broadband, video and telephone services to ensure customers who are financially challenged are connected during the COVID-19 pandemic and MTC will continue to honor this commitment as long as a federal or state declaration of an emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic is still active.


MTC’s commitment provides the following: 


1. Work with residential and business broadband, video and telephone customers that have been impacted financially by the COVID-19 pandemic to keep them connected, by deferring payments, waiving late fees, and working with them on  structured payment plans.


2. Work with K-12 schools providing affordable broadband service for economically challenged customers with students or administrative offices. 


3. Work with communities, hospitals, medical centers and other essential institutions in addressing their unique broadband, video or telephone connection needs and goals. 


4. Respond expeditiously to requests from customers with current accounts to upgrade their broadband or video service to higher performance packages or make other service adjustments. 


5. Expanded resources to address the increased requests from residents and businesses in MTC service areas to become new customers for broadband, video or telephone service. 


6. Respond expeditiously to requests from customers who are experiencing interruptions in their broadband, video or telephone service.


7. Support legislation that provides funding directly to residential and small business broadband, video and voice customers in need to enable them to stay connected to their services during the COVID-19 emergency.


             Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, MTC will first and foremost continue to protect the health and safety of its employees, customers, and communities, and comply with local, state, and federal government laws and emergency protocols.


About Margaretville Telephone Company


             Margaretville Telephone Company was founded in 1916 and is proud to offer a "family of services" to regional customers throughout the Central Catskill region of New York. No longer known as just a "phone company", MTC has expanded services to keep everyone connected with: high speed internet, cable television and telephone services. MTC made a conscious decision in transitioning to an employee owned company which fosters a local, community minded approach to business keeping the customers we serve connected to their communities and beyond.


             MTC is excited about the future of the business and the territory served. Over the years, the change has been nothing short of revolutionary. Consumers can make choices about communication services from options they never had before.


Service from a local, employee owned company that supports the community.

                       New York COVID-19 State of Emergency and The Services We Provide.


New laws have been established in New York impacting the services we provide to you.  This law was enacted in response to the state of emergency declared by Governor Cuomo concerning the COVID 19 pandemic. This law applies to our residential and small business customers.


Below are the provisions of the law:


During the state of emergency, currently scheduled to expire on June 24, 2021 or as extended by the Governor, we will not terminate or disconnect services we provide to you for non payment of an overdue charge incurred during the State of Emergency as a result of a COVID 19 financial hardship.


During a period of 180-days after the end of the state of emergency that expires on June 24, 2021, or as extended by the Governor or December 31, 2021, whichever is earlier, we will not terminate or disconnect services because of non-payment of past due amounts due to a COVID-19 related financial hardship incurred during the state of emergency.  Please contact us if you have experienced a change in your financial circumstances due to the COVID 19 pandemic that affects your ability to pay. In such cases, we will offer you the opportunity to pay your past-due bills over time, without requiring a down payment, late fees or penalties.


These protections apply only to disconnection for non-payment resulting from COVID 19 pandemic. They do not protect customers from disconnection for other causes (such as dangerous conditions, illegal or fraudulent use of the service).


If your residential or small business service has been terminated due to non-payment during the State of Emergency, we will restore the service at your request.  You can request reconnection toll free at 1 877 727 2288.


If you are experiencing financial difficulty due to COVID 19, please call Margaretville Telephone Company at 1 877 727 2288.